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Cows standing in field sunrise

About Us

From 1972 until 2020, Manitoba Conservation Districts played a large role in protecting our natural resources and promoting sustainable land-use practices. In 2020, the Province of Manitoba moved towards a watershed-based approach to watershed management and through a boundary realignment process, the Manitoba Watershed Districts were born.

The Redboine Watershed District was formed out of the old La Salle Redboine Conservation District, combined with a small piece of the Pembina Valley Conservation District. The borders of the Redboine Watershed District encompass the Boyne-Morris River Watershed, the La Salle River Watershed, and the Lower Assiniboine Watershed which includes the Sturgeon Creek. While the borders may have changed, the goal of the district remains the same. We are here to help our residents and landowners better manage their soil and water resources through technical and financial assistance in implementing beneficial management practices.

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