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Program Funding 

Redboine Watershed District offers a number of beneficial programs to landowners. Our funding comes from the Province of Manitoba, our Redboine RM membership, GRowing Outcomes in Watersheds program (GROW), Prairie Watershed Climate Program (PWCP), Living Labs, Ag Action, 2 Billion Trees and more.

Read more about GROW funding here.

We have two main applications for funding: PWCP and General. See below. 


Funding Applicatons


The PWCP program supports landowners in transitioning to better management practices (bmp's) in three areas: Nitrogen management, Cover Cropping and Rotational Grazing

wheat with hand

All other projects can be applied for through our

General Project Funding Application. This includes any projects that are for GROW, land and water management and well sealing.


Funding Eligibility

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