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General Application

Fill out a general application form if you are looking for funding for the following types of projects;

GROW Funding

  • This includes activities such as:

    • Water Retention Projects

    • Wetland Conservation, Enhancement and Restoration Projects (type 1/2 wetland incentives​)

    • Buffer Establishment, Enhancement or Restoration Projects (grassed runs, etc)

    • Riparian Area Management Projects

    • Upland Area Enhancement, Conservation and Restoration Projects ​​

MASC Fencing Calculator 

Manitoba Agriculture Farm Machinery Cost of Production Custom and Rental Rate Guide

Project examples that are eligible:

  • Fencing

    • Cross fencing​

    • Riparian fencing (around streams and waterbodies)

  • Alternate watering systems

  • Not draining potholes

  • Seed for saline soil

  • Cover cropping expansion

  • Reforestation projects

  • Planting pollinator species

  • and many more...

Shelterbelt Applications 

  • To determine the best shelterbelt for your land, click the link below:

  • Fill out the Shelterbelt Application form below:

Well Sealing

  • Landowners will be charged a $50 fee for each Abandoned Well & Well Shock Treatment project.  RBWD will fund the remaining costs of these projects 100%

  • Fill out the Well Sealing Form below:

Submit your application by:

  • Email or Print, sign and scan to

  • Drop off in person at 109 Broadway Ave, Holland, MB

If you have any questions, or don't see your project type listed contact the Project Manager at (204) 526-2578 or email

Well Sealing Form
Shelterbelt Application
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