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PWCP Applications

The Prairie Watershed Climate Funding Programs supports landowners in transitioning to better management practices (bmp's) in three areas: Nitrogen management, Cover Cropping and Rotational Grazing. 

Redboine has placed caps on certain Nitrogen Management Activities. These caps are in place until the end of the season. If there is additional funding available producers may receive additional funding for capped activities. 

In order to apply please follow these steps:

1) Fill out PWCP Application Part 1 

  • This includes:

    • Section 1: General Information

    • Section 2: Declaration

    • Section 3: Professional Assessment Form​​

2) Choose the appropriate BMP application(s) to fill out next

3) Submit your application by:

  • Print, sign and scan to

  • Drop off in person at 109 Broadway Ave, Holland, MB

Questions? Call us at 204-526-4563

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Use of Polymer Coated Urea Fertilizer

85% of increased cost of PCU fertilizer compared to regular nitrogen (RBWD Cap at $10,000)

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